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When you need to save for your next adventure, this Super Mario savings bank that stands 18cm (7") tall, is the perfect place for you to store your hard-earned cash. Featuring a classic platform gameplay design with a layered 3D effect plus graphics of the iconic coins, question blocks and brick blocks that are seen throughout the Super Mario franchise. 

The money box is also decorated with some of your favourite characters such as Goombas, the small brown fungus-based species, one of the most iconic members of the Koopa Troop and the entire Mario franchise. You will also spot a Piranha Plant, the large, carnivorous plant encountered throughout Mario gameplay, along with the common power-up Super Mushroom and of course, Super Mario himself. Super Mario has become an instantly recognizable icon of popular culture, and a favourite amongst generations of gamers

Nintendo Super Mario Arcade Money Box

SKU: 5055964738440
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